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Due to overwhelming popularity, the Platinum Pass is almost sold out!  This Friday, June 4th, will be the last day you can purchase the Platinum Pass (cut-off is at midnight Pacific Time).   If you are interested in the Platinum Pass, please be sure to reserve your spot before the cutoff date! 

If you had your heart set on all of the cool in-game items offered with the Platinum Pass, fear not!  Even though after June 4th you will not be able to purchase a Platinum Pass, you can still get the in-game items below by purchasing the Platinum Bundle at Fan Faire for just US$75.00 if you have a Gold Pass or Silver Pass (you'll need to present your Gold Pass or Silver pass at the Station Store in order to purchase the Platinum Bundle).  The Platinum Bundle, although not a pass to Fan Faire itself, is packed with all kinds of goodies, listed below (your Station Account will be flagged onsite, and goodies will be applied to your account approximately 14 days from the close of Fan Faire).

  • Bridle of the Alabaster Jungle – Summons the spirit of the ancient king of the Feerrott jungle to serve as your mount!

EverQuest® II

  • Skyblade Skiff – Built to support the explorers within the Moors of Ykesha, the skiff now provides a (mostly) stable way to live above the clouds of Norrath! 

Star Wars Galaxies™

  • Rebels vs. Imperials Space Battle Hologram – A brazen Rebel assault on an imperial squadron in the Inner Rim Territories results in an explosive space battle captured in this hologram footage!  (granted on a one-per-character, no trade basis)

Free Realms

  • 400,000 coin
  • Oasis – Use this item to create your own backyard paradise.  800 Station Cash Value
  • Pirate Ship – Sail the seven seas from the comfort of your own backyard!  600 Station Cash Value
  • Stone Head – It talks, it shakes and it sneezes.  Perfect for parties!  400 Station Cash Value
  • Shrinking Head Cauldron – One click on this house item is sure to get some laughs.  100 Station Cash Value
  • Jukebox – Need some new tunes? Click you home jukebox and rock out.  400 Station Cash Value
  • Automatic Head Size Augmenter – One click on this house item is the perfect cure for a shrunken head!  100 Station Cash Value
  • 400 colored square blocks (40 packs of 10) – Use these blocks to build your own tree fort or add a second story to your house!  4,000 Station Cash Value
  • Black Dragon Ride – Show off your cool new ride!  550 Station Cash Value
  • Pink Pegasus Ride – Show off your cute new ride!  550 Station Cash Value

Stop by the Fan Faire forums to participate in Fan Faire 2010 discussions. We hope to see you there!