Inside SOE Broadcast on Ustream

Join us on Wednesday, May 26, 2010, at 1:30 pm PDT, as we take a look behind the scenes in this edition of the Inside SOE Broadcast on Ustream! We'll be in the SOE Ustream channel! The event is expected to last about 30 minutes. (PDT is -7 GMT: 2:30 pm MDT, 3:30 pm CDT, 4:30 pm EDT, 9:30 pm GMT, 10:30 pm CET)

Activities include:

  • Live Chat and Q&A! - Attendees can chat live and ask questions with members of the Community and Development teams.
  • The Agency: Covert Ops and Pox Nora – Join us as we chat with our Tuscon office about these Facebook games.
  • EverQuest II – Tune in to chat with the EQII team about the release of Halas Reborn!
  • Free Realms – Find out more about the newly released Free Realms goodies!

To watch our live webcasts, you can visit the channel or you can create an account and log in to Ustream to chat via text with the Community Team and our special visitors.

Come join us for the fun!

See you on Ustream!