Take a look at the newest items available in the Station Marketplace!

Introducing the Ethereal, Sinister, and Ulteran Prowlers!

Ethereal Prowler (Purple)

Sinister Prowler (Green)

Ulteran Prowler (Blue)

Each mount comes in your choice of one of the following versions: Fierce and Arcane. The Fierce version increases Slashing, Aggression, Ranged, Piercing and Crushing of caster by 5, while the Arcane version increases Focus, Ordination, Disruption, Subjugation and Ministration of caster by 5. Both versions of the mount have a 65% run speed.

The Prowlers are guaranteed to be available for at least one month and adventurers can now purchase these new mounts for 2500SC from the Marketplace.  These are the first Station Cash items of their kind and are immediately available in-game, upon purchase.

See them in action!

To purchase these items in-game, type /marketplace or click on the Marketplace tab in the EQII menu.