When the breaking occurred and the land was shattered (thanks to gnomes and falling pieces of Luclin), a group of Coldain were cast adrift on a piece of continent they called home. They shared this fate with a bunch of Ry'gorr orcs, with whom they'd been fighting for control of the land. Now, New Halas takes its place in Norrath for those hardy enough to brave the frigid climate.

The arrival of New Halas in Norrath brings up a lot of questions. First and foremost, where has it been? Nathan "Kaitheel" McCall answered that for us in: Halas Reborn Preview – New Halas Lore.

But what of our other questions? A certain brave (and now very chilly) dark elf put on her heaviest coat and ventured into the frozen land to get some answers!

Where is New Halas?

New Halas is located in the Frostfang Sea up by Everfrost.

How do we get there?

Experienced adventurers can reach New Halas by griffin from the Butcherblock Docks.

Adventurers just starting out in New Halas will start in an area called Pilgrim's Landing. It's a camp on an ice floe just off a bit from the main island. Once a newly-arrived adventurer has become acquainted with their new home, there's a little raft that will carry them across to the main island. Or if they're really brave and feel like a quick (and freezing) dip, they can hop in the water and swim across.

More experienced adventurers can head to the left (when facing the shore) for a short cut up to the city proper. Adventurers just starting out and earning their place in the new city should make their way around to the right, making certain to prove themselves to the citizens of New Halas along the way.

What level content is available in the starting area?

The starting area content goes from level 1 up to level 20.

How many quests are there?

Quest collectors will be happy to know that there are over 80 quests in the new area, comparable to the Darklight Woods area around Neriak.

Most importantly... Are there SHINIES???

Yes! There are! All the usual 1-20 shiny collections can be found hiding in snow drifts and sparkling on the ice!

What races/classes can make their homes in New Halas?

All the good and neutral aligned race/class combos can earn citizenship and live in New Halas and any race/class combo is welcome to visit!


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