There are a ton of decorating options available in EverQuest II. With those options come endless ways to use them to create amazing homes in-game. We are blessed with many creative and innovative players in our community! This week: Hawke's home at 5 Erollisi Lane in South Qeynos on the Everfrost server.

What was your inspiration for this home?

Hmm... I guess I'd have to say that the Norrathian Homeshow thread on the boards gave me the most inspiration. The amazing things people come up with were so neat to see that I wanted to be able to see it in my own home as well.

What are your favourite materials to work with in-game to create certain effects (waterfalls, stairs, grottos, aquariums, etc)?

Oh that's hard... I guess my favorite parts are water effects. I have always found streams and waterfalls tranquil.

How long did this home take?

It's been a work in progress for as long as I've owned the home, and still isn't finished. I still want to see a proper bathroom and kitchen put in, and the more recent addition of another room to the house means I have another area to work on as well.

Did you plan it with a certain story in mind, or did it just grow out of what you had on hand or what your character would want in their home?

There's really no story to it beyond what I believe my character would amass over the course of his travels. There are tons of trophies and whatnot from his adventuring, and the library upstairs is a reflection of his scholarly interests as he is an alchemist as well.

How many items did you end up using and was it hard to keep within the limits?

Oh boy. I had to actually go back to my house to check the item count. (It's sitting at 639 counted items and 866 actual as I type this. It very well may go up by the time you read any of this.) I have so many items crowding out my house storage, bank storage, and even spots in my sales crates you wouldn't believe it. (I never want to get rid of any house items I come across!) It's always difficult for me to stay within the limits, as I like to try to place lots of little 'detail' items around. To me, those are what makes a house look lived in - an actual home. Unfortunately, that ALWAYS runs me over the limit. :(

What decorating tips do you have for your fellow decorators (veteran or newbies)?

Always be open to new ideas and ways of using items, and when you're placing them: patience, patience, patience! You'll get it just right if you just take your time! (To this day I shudder to think about having to move any of my library again!)

What one thing would you like to be able to build in-game if you could have all the materials you wanted and item limits weren't a constraint?

Ugh! The people in the home decorating threads probably have so much better answers for this sort of thing! I guess I'd have to say that if there were no holds barred, I'd like the ability to design a house's floor plan when you purchased it. I mean, within certain restrictions as to number of rooms or size depending on the area you plan to buy into. If that doesn't count, then how about getting some more unique covers and designs to the books players quest for? Gah, that's not a 'build-item' either? OK, fine. How about a grandfather clock?

If you change your decorations seasonally, what is your favourite time of year for decorations?

Frostfell, definitely. I enjoy seeing the decorations IRL (though not so much putting them up everywhere) so it's fun to put some up around Hawke's house as well.

Who was involved in the decorating for your home, if you had help?

Um, outside of the creative people from the boards, I'd say my wife (in-game character's name is Adrella) has assisted and been an inspiration. She's a great sounding board for my 'designing tastes' as well. :)

Please join the discussion on our Official Forums and for more decorating ideas, be sure to check out the Norrathian Homeshow!