Bristlebane's celebration may be in full swing, but that doesn't mean that you have to abandon Brell! In fact, if any of you are friends with halflings like the ones I'm friends with... You really need this tavern crawl as much as I did!

Once you've had your fill of pies in the face, swing on past Senya's tavern at 4 Bayle Court on Crushbone. It's the perfect start to a romp through Norrath's taverns!


After you've relaxed at bit at Senya's, head on over to Aloysiius's at 8 Lucie Street in South Qeynos on Everfrost. The Sandpiper bar also has a bakery and who doesn't need a cookie now and then?


It's important to pace yourself so that you don't run out of steam and take a nap on some poor person's pet dragon. So make sure to stop by Wayfinder's in Timorous Heights, Gorowyn on AB under the name of Bonnett.  They are open every Sunday from 4-7pm EDT. They're a rather nice little resturant and you can grab a bite and possibly see a local bard.


For you shorter crawlers, make a stop at Jolette's the lower tenements of Gorowyn on Crushbone. It's all pint sized here, so you'll feel right at home!


Then there's Uncle Stede's Pub in the Bane Guild Hall (Freeport) on Blackburrow. You'll have to be able to work the teleport pad to get there, that's why it's early on the list!


Head back on over to Crushbone and visit Folly at 4 Bayle Court in South Qeynos. Check out the rest of this fine home while you're at it!


Tryon's tavern at 5 Karana in South Qeynos on the Nektulos server is located in the attic. They don't mind if you crawl up the stairs, but won't help you if you fall down.


Next up is Jennivere's at 4 Bayle Court on Antonia Bayle. If you've made the crawl this far, you're doing well and should make it to the end!


Just a hop over to Lucan D'Lere and you can stop by Lizabeth's at 4 Bayle Court for a nice chat and some lovely scenery!


Make sure to drop on by Frep's at 5 Karana Court on Oasis! It's nice and cozy and a great place to kick back and relax before finishing up the tour.


To ramp back up stop in at Pirates of the Dark Crusade in the South Freeport guildhall  before leaving the Oasis server.


Also on Oasis (see how nice I am to all of you who made it this far?) be sure to visit the bar at Tyranny's guildhall in the Commonlands on Oasis.


Then there are the Munchkins of Meyhem on Antonia Bayle... I'm not quite sure where they live... Somewhere in South Qeynos or something like that *hic* So if someone can point everyone else in the right direction... We'll be in good shape!


For the really hardcore who have made it this far, wind up your crawl at the Full Moon Public House located in the basement of the house of Kruunch at 5 Erollisi Lane, South Qeynos, Splitpaw. It's best to hit it last, because if you're lucky and Brell is with you, you won't remember anything you saw!