There are a ton of decorating options available in EverQuest II. With those options come endless ways to use them to create amazing homes in-game. We are blessed with many creative and innovative players in our community! This week: Rainmare's home at 5 Erollisi Lane in South Qeynos on the Oasis server.

What was your inspiration for this home?

The inspiration for the home was very simply just what I think the character himself would do with the home he was offered given the materials available. After all we can't do everything in gold and marble yet!

What are your favourite materials to work with in-game to create certain effects (waterfalls, stairs, grottos, aquariums, etc)?

Ferrite tables and mahongany counters make a wonderul aquarium look... and the vampiric mirror can give a steaming look to a room when you enter..great for spa type rooms!

How long did this home take?

It's an ongoing project, as new items are added to the game, some get replaced and new ideas spring to mind. but the orignal setup probably took us two weeks of carefully moving nad positioning to get the looks right. [Kiara's note: Rainmare has redecorated since the Qeynos city festival! Be sure to stop in and see the new additions.]

Did you plan it with a certain story in mind, or did it just grow out of what you had on hand or what your character would want in their home?

It indeed grew out of what we had available, and how we thought the character would design their home.

How many items did you end up using and was it hard to keep within the limits?

The home was indeed maxed out on items, even with the extender! Though I have removed some of the stuff I had jammed in my attic... gotta have some room for those marble floor tiles coming! What Koada'dal wouldn't want marble floors!

What decorating tips do you have for your fellow decorators (vetern or newbies)?

For tips...never underestimate how sometimes the simplest solution can turn out to be the greatest...don't overthink and overcomplicate things!

What one thing would you like to be able to build in-game if you could have all the materials you wanted and item limits weren't a constraint?

I think if I had all the materials I wanted with no item constraints, I'd probably construct a massive atruim...with animal plushies, waterfalls, all the possible plant and animal types that could be placed in a home. I'd have a verifiable jungle in there!

If you change your decorations seasonally, what is your favourite time of year for decorations?

I do try to put up decorations for the holidays, and my favorite is Nights of the Dead.

Who was involved in the decorating for your home/guildhall, if you had help?

My dear friend of 10 years, Wyspa, did help in the decorating and setup, and Adanna, helped supply the many, many carpentry items...shameless plug, wyspa and adanna's homes are at 4 bayle court, South Qeynos on Oasis.

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