There are a ton of decorating options available in EverQuest II. With those options come endless ways to use them to create amazing homes in-game. We are blessed with many creative and innovative players in our community! This week: Tgerry's home at 13 Tranquil Way in South Qeynos on the Oasis server.

Where is your home located so folks can visit you in person?

The one I am most proud of is Tgerry's Temple Complex with Erollisi Shrine and Dragon Grotto, 13 Tranquil, South Qeynos, Oasis. It was built roughly a year ago so uses none of the latest building materials (with one exception). Yet judging by posts in the Norrathian Homeshow forum it has held up surprisingly well! It does not utilize the extra room, but is designed so that this does not matter.

What was your inspiration for this home?

Most of my characters' homes were built early on, pre-resizing and before many of the nicer building materials existed. While content enough with those old dwellings, I desperately wanted to see what I could do with new techniques and items. Additionally, I desired to create something unique. Something outside the norm. Something with, hopefully, a bit of artistic merit.

What are your favourite materials to work with in-game to create certain effects (waterfalls, stairs, grottos, aquariums, etc)?

I'd say it depends on the project at hand. In this case I relied heavily on rock- and stone-work, especially on the ground floor. I think my use of paintings to create mural-walls, wallpaper and a camouflaged doorway turned out well too. (Don't forget to use the "secret entrance" while visiting.) I'm a fan of anything that can be used as a "building block" to create special items or effects. Partitions. Pillars. Rock walls. Stone blocks. Fencing. That sort of thing. But it's all good, in the right situation.

How long did this home take?

The "Dragon Grotto" was constructed first, taking several solid days of work plus a few more days of fine tuning. I then paused for several weeks to formulate a plan for the main underground room, then finished it in a week or two (including several false starts). The second floor took another week. The complex of course received minor tweaking afterward.

Did you plan it with a certain story in mind, or did it just grow out of what you had on hand or what your character would want in their home?

Yes, it most definite has a story! Rather than relate it here, I'll link my old forum post, where it's spelled out in great detail. (Please take the time to read it. It's sort of interesting.) And yes, I did use items on-hand that fit my concept (Erollisi statue, sleeping dragon, etc.), but most of the decor was created specifically for placement as the project unfolded.

How many items did you end up using and was it hard to keep within the limits?

I actually came in well short of my limit. This surprised me. But then it isn't your conventional home.

What decorating tips do you have for your fellow decorators (veteran or newbies)?

Once beyond the stage of needing to place everything you make, loot, or buy just to fill an otherwise barren apartment, be selective. If an acquired item doesn't fit your theme, don't use it. Don't toss it either, at least not rare and/or costly items. The piece you dismiss today might be exactly what's needed for furnish a new home (or remodel an existing structure) six months down the road. Also, experiment. Many items can be used unconventionally to great effect.

What one thing would you like to be able to build in-game if you could have all the materials you wanted and item limits weren't a constraint?

This isn't a fair question. Had I the right "building blocks" and pre-made pieces I could spend years constructing all sorts of themed dwellings. Pubs. Museums. Mills. Drug dens. Chapels. Houses of Ill Repute. Concert halls. Halfling holes. Druid trees. Torture chambers. Farms. Jails. Monasteries. Possibilities are limitless. I supposed if forced to choose one out of the lot, a Tolkienesque Halfling hole has been on my mind the longest.

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