Brewday has returned to Norrath! From March 11th through March 22nd come on out and celebrate Brell Serilis! It may be a holiday started by dwarves, but everyone is welcome!

Kiara trudged wearily into Haven. The whole moving thing was really starting to get her down. She missed Neriak and this cave where all the other exiles hung out really wasn't anything like home. Not to mention that Kelethin was a pain in her purple hinie to navigate...

Checking her mail, Kiara sifted through the pile of parchment scrolls. Bill, bill, advertisement for... What on earth are ratonga rolls? Nevermind, she didn't want to know! She prepared to dump it all in the trash when a bright green scroll caught her eye.

Who sends mail on green parchment?

"Make this Brewday Festival a memorable one! Use the portal we’ve opened near yer city to enter the festival’s official brew house, The Bar of Brell. Whether ya be thirsty or just lookin’ for good times, I invite ya to grab a stein of ale while The Burglars entertain. Ye’ll find adventures and rewards both new and familiar await ya! And I dare say, keep your eyes peeled for the Avatar of Below has been seen, once again, celebrating Brewday in Antonica! "

Kiara stared at the scroll in her hands. Brewday? Brell? Well that could be alright. She worshipped Brell and he was a pretty decent guy. Solid and reliable.

That's one of the reasons she'd chosen him. An unusual choice for a dark elf, certainly, what with his ties to Bristlebane and all. However, as the Lord of the Underfoot, many beings besides the dwarves claimed him as their own.

Besides, it was sort of nice having a nice steady deity on her side, rather than flighty, fluffy sorts like Tunare...

Shaking herself out of her musings, Kiara stowed her gear, vowing to hurry up and finish moving SOON, then skipped off to do a little "honoring" of her patron deity.


Kiara stumbled into Haven. She bumped into some random creature that she thought may have been an ogre and giggled an apology.


Brewday this year was by far the best celebration of Brell she'd ever attended. Thank goodness for the Improved Ale Goggles, she'd never have been able to get through the festivities without them!

Giggling some more, she curled up on her brand new Carpet of Clover to sleep off the aftereffects of the celebrating she'd done. She'd finish moving tomorrow... maybe.

That's right all! Brewday is back in Norrath, so break out your favourite ale mug and come out to celebrate!

There are many returning features and some all new stuff that's going to make you glad you're friends with Brell!

Returning Features:
  • "Snoogle's Presentation" has new rewards!
  • "Beers for Brell!" has a "brave" new reward!
  • "Brell's Everlasting Brew" has a new house item!
  • "Ale Goggles" has a new (and highly recommended) reward!
New Features:
  • In-game mail to invite you out to celebrate!
  • New craftables and supplies!
  • New quests with awesome rewards!