Greetings Norrathians!

As you all know, EverQuest II released its sixth expansion, Sentinel's Fate, in February. We're all very excited about it and EQII in general and know that you share our love of this fantastic game. Our Marketing department has prepared an update on the expansion's performance in the industry and we thought that you would find the reviews of interest!

Here’s an update on our successful launch of EverQuest®II Sentinel’s Fate™! We launched about two weeks ago and our great fans have responded with overwhelming support. In the last few weeks, Sentinel’s Fate has jumped to the top of major industry sales charts including PC game sales, GamaSutra’s North American PC games and Direct2Drive’s sales charts. Sentinel’s Fate has also been honored to be a part of the top selling games on Amazon, GameStop, GoGamer and Gameborder.

The EverQuest II players have spoken. The results are in, and the sales of the newest expansion, Sentinel's Fate took the #1 spot in the PC game sales charts for a second week in a row. We'd bet there will be much celebratory battleground playing or virtual pillow-fighting at the Sony Online Entertainment offices today.”

Not only have on-line sales been up, but Sentinel’s Fate has been accompanied by a strong showing in retail sales for both the Regular and Collector’s editions.  

“It is clear that a lot of work and creative detail went into the making of The Sentinel’s Fate, and the hope is that this worthy expansion pack does not fall on deaf ears...” score: 82

From Odus to the 12 new dungeons to the 2,000 new weapons, armor and items, we’re incredibly proud of EverQuest®II Sentinel’s Fate™ and thank all of you for helping it become a #1 bestseller notches.

“The first thing which hit us was the sense of grandeur and perceivable history to the environment. This was a place which looked old and full of interesting but deadly secrets as huge tunnels led away from the assembly area, leading to who knows what. NPC quest givers were all to glad to provide potential information on the environment and story but through a medium known as "The Shade" this cryptic language was comprised of symbols and glyphs which presumably at some point will be deciphered when you learn a certain skill.”