The Sentinel was an airship originally built by the Erudin Erudites and used to haul large amounts of cargo overland. When the Void intruded into Odus, it was abandoned. The Paineel Erudites claimed the airship and re-worked it for their own purposes. It then became known as The Vigilant, as it watched over and protected the city. All three of The Vigilant instances are geared for adventurers level 90+. There are three group instances: The Vigilant: Incursion; The Vigilant: Infiltration; and The Vigilant: Rescue.

From Kander:

Kyle "Kander" Vallee built The Vigilant zones. Fortunately for us, he was able to take a little bit of time and answer some questions for us!

What sort of feel were you trying to give players with these zones?

We were looking for a flying dungeon! We wanted the zone to feel totally different than anything we have ever done! The zone artist is Urban McLafferty, and he was not afraid to try any wacky idea I came up with, along with lots of wackiness of his own.  In some of the later versions people will get to see the underbelly of the ship and there are some spots that really make you feel like you are flying over the world! Also the zone itself is an obstacle, as well as its contents! There are several places you can fall out.

What’s your favourite part of The Vigilant zones?

My favorite area is the officers quarters and the refectory! There is a very cool secret door and some stuff people probably are not expecting to see in there.  Oh and lots of awesome food house items and other house items that populate the zone that were made by Andres Rodriguez. He filled the zone with tons of cool stuff that we will giving out as quest rewards etc. I believe Domino also made some really cool carpenter stuff from some of the immensely different items that are on the ship!

What do you think is the coolest part of these dungeons that players absolutely must see!

Overall the coolest part of the zone is the Captain’s Deck with an spectacular orrery* that was also made by Andres. But also there is the underbridge that is made of glass, oh and the rune stairs that turn on and … Too many things, I guess? Heh.

There is some really cool stuff on it that, overall, I believe has a totally different feel then anything we have done in the past!

How do these zones progress the overall story of Odus and what happened to its inhabitants?

Well the airship and its inhabitants big part to play in current and coming events, a lot to do with things that will happen in the future that may not be clear now! I cannot give too much away but the Erudites were meddling with some very risky magic! There is a reason that the ship is being invaded!

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*Main Entry: or·rery
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural or·rer·ies
Etymology: Charles Boyle †1731 4th Earl of Orrery
: an apparatus showing the relative positions and motions of bodies in the solar system by balls moved by a clockwork
[orrery illustration]