Love is in the air! Literally. The Swornlove siblings and the other disciples of Erollisi Marr have returned to Norrath. They'll be reminding everyone how important love is from February 4th until February 16th.

Kiara glared about her as she paced through the Commonlands. Those blasted Swornloves were back. It wasn't that she had anything against love... It's just that everyone got so sickly and sappily sweet during this time of year that it made her teeth hurt.

All the same, Kiara went to greet the twins and the other disciples of Erollisi Marr and pay her respects.

She made her way towards Annalisa, intending to slip in quietly and slip away again unnoticed. It was not to be.

"Kiara! I need your help!"

"Oh, Diana... I umm... Well, see, I was just heading to say hello to Anna..."

"She can wait. I need you first. Come!"

Kiara sighed and started praying. Don't be matchmaking. Don't be matchmaking.

"What can I do for you, Diana?"

"Well, I need you to help me fix up some young lovers."

Kiara twitched. Of course. Matchmaking.

After she finished helping to spread love throughout Norrath, the drooping dark elf headed back to visit with Annalisa. She stopped a moment to visit with some other disciples of Erollisi. There were the usual tasks and some rather interesting new items on the markets this year. As annoying as it was to see everyone in love and making cow eyes at each other, Kiara did enjoy some aspects of the Erollisi celebrations.

While she was investigating the new items and chatting with the other disciples, Annalisa pulled Kiara to the side.

"I've a special errand for you, friend!"

Kiara arched an eyebrow. The Swornlove siblings tended to consider gathering flowers a special errand, ranking right up there with fetching candy. "What can I do for you, priestess?"

"I need you to venture into Nektropos Castle..."

The dark elf was intrigued. Nektropos Castle was deliciously haunted and not the usual sort of place that the Swornloves frequented. Perhaps this would be an Erollisi Day that Kiara could really appreciate!

Erollisi Day is the celebration of the goddess of love and all things related to the emotion that sets hearts to galloping!

With the return of Erollisi Day, many of your favourite activities from previous years' celebrations are making comebacks with new rewards!

Also be sure to check out the new items on the holiday vendors as well as the new craftable items.

Since love is ever changing and growing, you'll also find some new quests to do and stories to unfold!

  • Erollisi roses are blooming again in The Enchanted Lands. Gather them and give them to other players.
  • Love notes or message candies used in holiday tradeskill recipes can once again be obtained by killing random creatures.
  • Players in Gorowyn and Kelethin who wish to participate can speak with an NPC to be ported to The Commonlands. They can be ported back, too.
  • Adventurers can participate in the Hearts a'Flutter contest in either Antonica or Commonlands.
  • Tradeskillers will again have holiday themed items to craft.
  • Dalron is offering new rewards for his pick-up lines quest.
  • New quest reward options for several older quests.
  • New quests and rewards! (With some snazzy new Erollisi lore!)
  • New items to be crafted.
  • New items to be bought from the holiday merchants (Douglas and Steven) using Erollisi Coin.
  • Younger adventurers will find roses in the Enchanted Lands more plentiful around the safety of the docks.