The Erudin Research Halls are the second of the Erudin dungeon series. It's designed for levels 88+ and will give you a look into the Erudite experiments in teleportation. Unfortunately for them, their research has gained the interest of a powerful enemy that adventurers will need to battle.

From Timetravelling:

Brett "Timetravelling" Scheinert, worked on all the Erudin zones. In addition to giving all sorts of good information about his zones, he's also been helping out with the beta tours given to press, in preparation of the NDA lifting. Many thanks to Brett for all his help.

What sort of feel were you trying to give players with this zone?

If the Erudites had a secret facility in a Godzilla movie dedicated to building Mecha-Godzilla it would be this instance. Erudin Research Halls is a mad-scientist haven. There are a number of powerful scientists controlling beams of energy in an attempt to create their deadly Deathgazer clockwork constructs under some form of control

What’s your favorite part of the zone?

The layout, actually. Stephanie Young worked to create a large central room so that players run into the final boss almost immediately. However, it is protected by a number of powerful beams of energy that make it nearly unstoppable. In order to turn them off, players must traverse the rest of the zone.

What do you think is the most impressive part of the zone?

The Erudite scientists used the gazers natural beam-firing ability to create a gazer-beam defense grid. It’s a puzzle that players must solve in order to progress without getting fried trying to run through the room.

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