Hidden in the depths of the dangerously beautiful Nektulos Forest stands Nektropos Castle.  It was once the home of the Everling family.

The legacy of the Everlings began with Rikantus Everling.  He was a citizen of Freeport and took over his father’s curiosity shop.  He dealt in unusual and magical items, attracting clientele interested in his unique wares and prospered.
His fame soon spread far and wide.  In addition to his thriving curiosity business, his research into all aspects of the arcane earned him a reputation in many circles. 
Rikantus has often been credited with bringing long over due attention to the demigoddess known as Ullkorruuk, The Lady of Insurrection.  A statue depicting the demigoddess of treachery resides deep within his cursed castle, and many strange incidents have been reported to have occurred there.
The Everling family continued with Rikantus’ children.  His sons Maltus and Ollix and his daughters Alexa , Elise, Jenni, Sheila, Deirdre, Crysta, and Melanie.  The shades of all his children can be found in the family home, Nektropos Castle.
Nektropos Castle is nestled deep within Nektulos Forest.  The setting is appropriate to the great tragedy of the Castle and the Everling family.  Exploring the several versions of Nektropos Castle reveals the story of the poor cursed family.
Rikantus’ children all perished through ugly means.  His daughters were slain by their bodyguards and his sons died in the grip of madness.  Torn apart with grief, Rikantus himself was driven to madness and tried to free the souls of his daughters from the afterlife.
Now the Everlings are locked within the prison of Nektropos Castle, doomed by their father’s love to forever wander the halls hoping to be freed.