As many of you know, EQ2Players has undergone a major revamp! Not only does it have a new look, but the previously premium features are now a free part of the service.

At first, the launch was a little bumpy. Some of the features that our players really liked didn't get implemented. Jacob "DarkViper" Robinson, Sr. Director of Web Presence, took all the feedback about the initial launch issues and has been working with the web team to get those issues fixed and your feedback implemented! There's a forum just for feedback about EQ2Players with several feedback threads that are being monitored for suggestions and requests.

New Features:

The most obvious of the new features is the revamp of the page's look! The search bar is right at the top so you can look for anything you want without having to click through a few different pages. The web guys are also working on making the search feature more useful and easier to use.

You'll also see that more of the information that you may want is readily visible in the side navigation bar rather than having to search and click.

They've made it easier to upload paperdolls for your character profile page. Also, they added nice little tabs to make the character information neater and easier to find.

You can see your character ranking, AA choices, leveling history, and alts.

One of the cooler new additions is that you can view the leveling history in graph or text form.

The web team has also made a nifty addition to the Players page URLs. You can now type: with a server/character name and have it go directly to that character profile! If you're looking for someone specific, it certainly makes it faster.

DarkViper and his team recognize that the site didn't launch pefectly. They're addressing issues as fast as they can. They're also collecting lists of suggestions from the above forum for features that players would like to have. So, make sure to drop by and make your request.

Some of the Issues:

  • One of the biggest issues when the new site launched was the ability to see a character's alts. The team fixed that within the week, and are working on tweaking the feature.
  • Another issue was that the page was crashing the in-game browser. As of now, the team has disabled the splash screen at the top of the page and it appears to have fixed that problem.
  • People also mentioned that the new site took much longer to load than it did before. The web team is taking steps to optimize the site to improve performance for everyone.
  • The number of people shown when viewing a guild roster was originally set at five. This made searching through a large guild... difficult. DarkViper anticipates them having a fix in for this later in January. He intends to put in a drop down menu to allow viewers to select how many guild members are shown at a time.
  • The chat with your guild feature is too small. The web team is working on adding a larger chat window option and anticipates that they will have it later in January as well.
  • The spell lists haven't been updated to reflect the new spell names. The web team is working on getting the lists updated and anticipates that they'll have this feature fixed by March.
  • The vet rewards aren't up to date. This page should also be updated later in January with many of the other tweaks and fixes.
  • Best in class leaderboards. This should be going in later in January as well!

A Few More Planned Additions:

    • The web team plans to have the AA trees updated by mid February.
    • Improved in-game browser performance in March.
    • They'll fix the problem of old/deleted characters still showing on character profiles in April.
    • The ability to choose the site skins in April. (Kiara is particularly excited about this feature!)
    • Four to six months down the road, the web team wants to have Guild Updates appear on profile pages.

    Stay tuned to the EQ2Players page and support forum for more info about what's coming!