With the return of Odus, we'll explore much of the lost continent and learn the secrets of the Erudites. Amongst those secrets are their experiments and research into the wilds of Norrath. In the Vasty Deep Conservatory, adventurers will see where the residents of Odus studied the sea creatures and plants around them. The Conservatory is a group instance geared for groups in the 86-88 level range.

From Mortalus:

Leah "Mortalus" Swigart headed up the construction of the Vasty Deep zones. We had a nice chat and I didn't have to bribe her to talk to me at all. Which, sadly, leaves me completely at a loss for something witty to fill in here, so I'll just go with massive kudos to Leah and Tad for the amazing work on these dungeons!

What sort of feel were you trying to give players with this zone?

With the Vasty Deep zones I really wanted to emphasize visual storytelling. The dungeons themselves should convey as much information to the player as the dialog does. Vasty Deep is really another side to the fall of Erudin so as you progress through the zone it falls further and further into disrepair. You will also get a little taste as to what has happened to the Erudites left in Vasty Deep and it's safe to assume that things are only going to go downhill from here for the Erudites.

What’s your favourite part of the Conservatory?

My favorite part is the Throne of the Seas and the creatures you’ll find there.

What do you think is the coolest part of this dungeon?

The progression of the Conservatory, both visually and in creatures you encounter. Who knows what could now be making its home in there? It’s a gorgeous dungeon from start to finish. Tad Ehrlich was the zone artist for the Vasty Deeps and he did an amazing job. I hope all of our players get to see these zones!

How does this zone progress the overall story of Odus and what happened to its inhabitants?

The magical waters of Vasty Deep, being just east of Erudin, quickly got the attention of the Erudites and they built a citadel there so that they could run magical and arcane experiments using the water. The first level, the Conservatory, was dedicated to experimenting on plants. The second level down, which is now the Abandoned Labs, was devoted to experimenting on animals and other beings. The third and final level down was the temple proper, as Vasty Deep was built during the time when the Erudites still believed in the gods. To find out what has happened since, you’ll just have to venture into the dungeons for yourselves.


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