Having brushed the overly happy, glittering dust of Qeynos off her armour, our intrepid dark elf continues her exploration of Norrath! The adventure leads to Freeport. Bastion of Lucan D'Lere, self-styled Overlord. Once upon a time he was a militia guard and now he's the dried up, shriveled, lichy ruler of the city. Where Qeynos is all light and good-will, Freeport is... Well. Let's just say that you wouldn't want to walk around without your shoes on.

Our first stop is Longshadow Alley, home of the dark elven population of Freeport. It is hardly what we deserve, being the superior race that we are, but at least we have our own space and don't have to share with lesser Norrathians...

Longshadow Alley is the dwelling of the displaced dark elves residing in Freeport. The conditions are nothing near the luxury to which dark elves are entitled, being somewhat dingy and dirty. However the entrances to the area are limited to keep the riff-raff out.
One can enter Longshadow through North Freeport, the Thieve's Way (for those good folk trying to sneak in... turn about is fair play and all that), and through the Graveyard. One can also enter Longshadow through the bell system. The town's leadership (such as it is, living in such conditions) has stationed a mentor for young dark elves just starting out in Freeport.
Here in the center of town, you will discover the marketplace. Everything you could possibly need in Longshadow can be found here. Various merchants carrying items of interest, the mender, the bank, and the crafting area. One can also find, just off the town center, a little shop hiding a linguist and a research assistant.

The mender has conveniently located his business in the very center of town. Unlike in Qeynos, you'll see that we dark elves only trust other dark elves with matters of import!

The Freeport Reserve has a branch in Longshadow nestled safely in the center of town with regular patrols by the militia and other forms of enforcement.

For those wishing to indulge themselves in the novelty of crafting for oneself (rather than being served as all dark elves should be) The Dark Bargainers has everything on hand.

Always mindful of convenience and comfort, the local inn and mailbox are located next to each other, just around a corner off the center of town. Why walk if you don't have to?


Stay tuned for our continued exploration of Freeport. Maybe we'll even get to find out if the rumours of Lucan D'Lere wearing footy pajamas and sleeping with a stuffed burynai doll are true...