We're having a Rat Race! Join us in Hate's Envy (at your server's date and time below) with a brand new, level 1 ratonga character and race through Norrath, competing against other players for in-game prizes. You'll be given a list of items to gather along the way, and the fastest finishers will be rewarded. But if you don't win, don't fret! Everyone who attends will get a prize just for coming.

Kiara and Amnerys from SOE's Community Relations team will be hosting these special events according to the schedule below.

We hope to see you there!





5pm PDT

Antonia Bayle
10.14.09 5pm PDT The Bazaar
10.15.09 5pm PDT Befallen
10.16.09 5pm PDT Blackburrow
10.19.09 5pm PDT Butcherblock
10.19.09 10:30am PDT Runnyeye
10.20.09 5pm PDT Crushbone
10.20.09 10:30am PDT Splitpaw
10.21.09 5pm PDT Everfrost
10.22.09 5pm PDT Guk
10.23.09 5pm PDT Kithicor
10.26.09 5pm PDT Lucan D'Lere
10.27.09 5pm PDT Mistmoore
10.28.09 5pm PDT Nagafen
10.29.09 5pm PDT Najena
10.30.09 5pm PDT Nektulos
11.02.09 5pm PDT Oasis
11.03.09 5pm PDT Permafrost
11.04.09 5pm PDT Test
11.05.09 5pm PDT Unrest
11.06.09 5pm PDT Vox