Treasure Chest

With so much information being posted in the EQII Official Forums at all times, it can be very hard to keep up with it and very easy to miss some real gems and opportunities to share. Have no fear though; the Treasure Chest is here to highlight interesting, unusual, and humorous posts, as well as opportunities to help your fellow player with a question or two!


Lore Galore!

Shard of Love (Spoilers) - I'd love to hear the elders among us discuss the lore from the Shard of Love quests in more detail. I wrote up the following for my guildfolk, incorporating all the text from the NPCs along the way. Hence, big spoilers!

Firiona Vie? - Who exactly is she and what's her story? Also is she the high elf on the EQ cover art, etc.?

Age - Does anyone know how long the different races usually live?


There's no place like home!

The decorators over in the Norrathian Homeshow forum have been busy as usual. We highlight some of the newest posts here, but our decorators are always working so be sure to stop in and check them all out!

Guild Halls:

Player Homes:

Cool Stuff:


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