Kiara dropped her armour at the door and stumbled towards her bath. She was far too exhausted to even think about proper care of her gear.

She should have known better. A bored dark elf was often a reckless dark elf. One of these days she was really going to stop and think before haring off on whatever adventure dropped into her lap.

As she passed her desk she noticed the scroll that started this horrid day.

"... There are different saved states of Miragul’s consciousness within the various shards of his phylactery. The Planar shard represents different times and events during his life. It also represents his efforts and research into moving between the material planes. Here he has brought experiences from the past to life and forces you, the intruder, to do battle with them."

The invitation, or rather challenge, had seemed like a great idea this morning over her chai. Of course, it had been so long since she'd been to Everfrost that she'd forgotten just how cold it got in plate armour...

Then of course her Teir'Dal nature got her into no end of trouble today. She was fairly certain she wouldn't be invited to go adventuring with that particular group of commrades again any time soon...

It seems that when offered the chance to yeild to the big hairy thing beating on you, it's best to take the offer, rather than to tell him where he can take his surrender.

Likewise... When faced with the master of the realm into which you've stumbled, it's probably best to be polite and compliment his home, rather than let the mouthy dark elf give him a piece of her mind about his lack of hospitality.

"No matter," Kiara thought as she lowered herself into the steaming bath. "At least tomorrow will be nice and dull!"

One of the Shards coming with Shards of Destiny later this month is Miragul's Planar Shard. This x4 raid zone has been on test since July 17th. It's the first raid zone to feature the scaled difficulty function being introduced to EverQuest II.

Overall, the zone is meant to fall into the difficulty range of the Tomb of the Mad Crusader. A couple of the encounters in the zone will offer additional challenge, should a skilled raid force choose to test their mettle.

Reahov has also been running test raids through the zone! If you haven't yet had a chance to participate, please sign up and let us know what you think.