Kiara sat at her desk tapping her fingers impatiently.

She was going through the list of her accomplishments and noticed that many were missing. Not just many... TONS!

That would never do!

Clearly it was time to get to work.

Two hours later a very frazzled looking dark elf stumbled into the crafting section of the Dockside Markets. Stumbled, because she was loaded down with bags upon bags of raw materials. Not far behind her an enormous troll came bearing a similar, if much larger, burden.

Kiara tossed the troll a few gold coins and started arranging her materials around her chosen stove. As she worked she muttered under her breath about a thousand hors d'oeuvres, several unladylike words related to tinkering and transmuting, and missions.

With Shards of Destiny, we're introducing the much anticipated Achievements system! For those of you who like to keep track of all the things you've accomplished in-game, from wiping out the Enchanted Lands' entire bixie population to doing 100,000 crafting combines, it's all covered.

If you're an avid quester and have completed every heritage quest there is, you will be able to track it! If you're a PvP god and have killed everyone on your server, twice, you can track that too.

Rewards for completing any given Achievement vary. You can get anything from a groovy appearance item to a title. If you're obssessive like certain dark elf inquisitors, it will give you something to do on those days you don't really feel like committing to a dungeon crawl or raid and just want something to kill a couple of hours. There's nothing more satisfying than checking everything off a list!