One of the best things about our community is the effort they go through to bring awesome player run events to the game for everyone's enjoyment! The RPC of Lucan D'Lere is hosting an event this coming weekend!

Tired of shopping on the broker? Well, we're sick of selling there!
Join the Lucan Dlere Role-Play community in our 2nd Swap Meet. The Roleplay Circle (an alliance of RP guilds on LDL) is hosting this fantastic Flea Market this weekend and invite all of the server to join in the fun.

Who: The Roleplay Circle (LDL alliance of RP guilds devoted to increasing RP opportunities on the LDL server.)
What: RP event, a Flea Market
When: Sunday, August 30th - 8pm EDT/7pm CDT/6pm MDT/5pm PDT
Where: Gorowyn Non-Status 5 Room under Farshaad

I suppose you'll be wanting a list of shops!
Keep a look out for these great booths:

*Altar Your Life - Nukkeny
*The Scrivener's Scrolls - Dazbhog
*Saraonu's House of Sinister Sauces - Saraonu
*Leglore (Legend and Lore pieces) - Gorbash
*Delectables by Raz - Razree
*Ru'Elen's Quality Defense - Ruelen
*Bunii's Booth of Comfort and Vanity - Bunii
*The Minstrel's Mechanisms - Rajani
*The Green Thumb - Gabbrielle
*Wuddlecake's Wonders - Wuddlecakes
*Gears, Gadgets and Gizmos - Sindayen
*Fashions by Cepaxx - Cepaxx
*Galadon & Sgreach - Anordil

Featured RPC Guilds:

*Blood of Hate
*The Fallen Facade
*Nightmare Legion
*Oasis Knights
*The Order of the Silver Tree