Kiara was bored.

This was never a good thing. A bored Teir'Dal was a dangerous and mischievous Teir'Dal.

She wandered aimlessly around Neriak looking for something to do. She'd already been out and harvested all the raw goods she could possibly need for the next couple of months. Then she'd gone out and loaded up all her younger siblings with the raw goods THEY would need. She'd wrestled every void touched beast from one end of Norrath to the other. Twice. She'd curried favour with Neriak by running mind-numbing errands for all the major guilds in the city.

The only thing she hadn't done was finished unpacking her house... But that could definitely wait. Kiara had no talent at decorating and no interest in learning the art.

Lost in thought, she wandered into the Dockside Markets trying to think of something... FUN to do!

"Psst. You there. Teir'Dal!"

A delicately curved eyebrow arched and Kiara turned towards the voice, ready to give a sharp lesson in the respect due a dark elf in Neriak.

"Are you looking for a new adventure?"

"What are you offering?"

"How would you like to rid Darklight Wood of some werewolves? Vampires? Giant mushrooms?"

Kiara rolled her eyes. "Yes, that would be terribly exciting... since all those creatures cower in fear when I ride past. In case you couldn't tell, I've quite outgrown the tame local woods. I haven't been frightened of those since I was a child in Freeport." She turned to stalk away again, bored with the stranger and his inane ramblings.

"Ah, but you explored them as a seasoned adventurer... I can make it so you face them as a younger elf!"


The strange erudite whispered an incantation and glowing runes settled about the stunned dark elf.

"That's all?" She examined herself briefly. "I don't feel any different..."

"Trust me. You'll see the world outside the city with all new eyes."

"Is it reversible?"

"Naturally... Do I look like a gnome? You can remove it yourself when you're finished. Just return when you wish to go out again as a younger elf and I'll change you again."

Lavender eyes flashing with excitement, Kiara whistled shrilly. Her flaming steed skidded to a halt in front of them, sparks flying from its hooves. The dark elf sped off through the city on her new adventure laughing gaily.

"Thank you!" she called back over her shoulder.

As promised, with Shards of Destiny, we'll see the introduction of Chronomagic.

What is Chronomagic?

In each of Norrath's major cities -- Qeynos, Freeport, Kelethin, Neriak, and Gorowyn -- you will find an erudite known only as a Timeless Chronomage. This new form of erudite magic will allow adventurers to reduce their adventuring level, facilitating lower level exploration.

Adventurers will need to be at least level 20 to partake of the Timeless Chronomage's services. They will offer to lower your level in five-level increments.

There are a few caveats, addendums, and quid pro quos... The bigger the gap between your actual level and your adjusted level, the bigger the decrease in your experience gain. For adventurers on the PvP servers, the same restrictions that you have while mentoring will apply.

**Note: The story had to be reworded because creative license got in the way of the facts. You can click cancel the buff at any time. However, to have it reactivated, you must return to the Timeless Chronomage.