EQII's next Game Update, Shards of Destiny, is slated to go live in late September. We will be bringing some exciting new content to the world of Norrath with Shards of Destiny.

Erollisi Marr's influence is felt once more in Norrath. Our players will be able to explore the Shard of Love and learn more of the popular goddess' story.

There will also be a new x4 dungeon to test your skills. Miragul's Planar Shard will continue the story of the powerful mage.

There are several other exciting additions coming with Shards of Destiny!

Auto-mentoring: Revisit content you may have missed!

Housing renovations: Enjoy more space to exercise your decorating creativity, or just more room to store your booty!

Achievment System: Killed 100,000 undead? Now you'll be able to track your accomplishments and earn nifty rewards.

Shader revamp: The changes to the shader system are ready! Enhanced graphics and more realisitic-looking shadows await.


Stay tuned for more information about the new goodies coming with the Shards of Destiny update!