Hail EverQuest II Players,

My department has recently taken on EQ2Players.com, and over the coming months, you'll be seeing many changes to the site, from service improvements and enhancements, to addressing issues players have been experiencing with the site.

In the past few weeks we've been taking care of many issues that have been troubling players, including the Guild Site Admin system, where Guild Leaders and Members have had difficulty getting the proper permissions to make changes to their web sites. The problem users were faced with was that the original creator of the guild web site needed to grant permissions to other players and leaders in order for them to make updates. This caused issues when a guild leader left the guild and no one was granted permissions before that exit occurred. Now, players who are having issues with guild permissions can place a petition with our CS team for guild site permissions if their guild leader has left or gone AWOL and no one else in the guild is able to grant them permissions.

The Guild Permissions is only one of the many issues my team is tracking and working hard to resolve. One example is the recent fix to the Forum Signature paperdoll images due to some users' portraits being aligned incorrectly. Users can now re-upload their portraits and it should show up correctly.

We invite you to provide us with feedback on the changes we are making to the site as we work towards bringing you a service that will improve your experience with EverQuest II. You can do so on the EQ2Players.com Forums which we will be keeping a close eye on.

See you in the game!

- Jacob

Jacob Robinson
Sr. Director of Web Presence