What are Veteran Rewards?

Veteran Rewards are in-game gifts that you will receive based on how many days your account has been actively subscribed to EverQuest II.

How do I claim the rewards?

You can claim your Veteran Rewards by typing /claim in game.

What are the rewards?

The gifts you get depend on how long you have been subscribed to EQII. They are as follows:

How do you calculate how much time counts toward Veteran Rewards?

The amount of time you are entitled to is determined by the number of days your subscription has been active in total. This is cumulative, so for every day your subscription is active, it adds a day to your total number of active days. This applies to accounts using both the standard subscription as well as Station Access. If you deactivate your account, any days that the account was deactivated will simply not count toward your total.

Example: If you were subscribed for 3 months, unsubscribed for 2 months, and subscribed again for 3 months, you would be considered a 6 month veteran.

What happens if I converted to Station Access after being subscribed normally and my account activation time changed?

The total amount of time that your account was active either as a standard account or Station Access account will count toward your total time. It doesn't matter if the creation date changed when you switched over to Station Access.

Example: If you had a standard EQII account for 6 months and switched to Station Access for the next 6 months, you would be entitled to a year.

How do I get the rewards after I've earned them?

Simply type /claim while playing to get your reward.

How many times can I /claim the gifts?

It depends on the reward. Some of the older Veteran Rewards can be claimed on up to 3 characters per account, so be sure which characters you want to have access to these items. Newer rewards can be claimed on many characters per account.

Are the experience bonus potions permanent?

The Adventure and Tradeskill potions will not be permanent. You will receive a certain amount of bonus experience for a limited duration after drinking the potion.

How do I know how long I've been subscribed to EQII?

The Details tab of the Persona window will show you how many days your account has been active.

Please note:
Subscribers who have switched between a standard EQII account and Station Access may only see the number of days the most recent account type has been active in the Persona window. However, the cumulative subscription time is being tracked and your rewards will be awarded correctly.