South Qeynos desperately wants to be Qeynos Harbor, but lacks that salty tang in the air, the aroma of freshly caught fish, and the inevitable sailory atmosphere. Which is all to the good, as it makes South Qeynos a lovely place to visit.

South Qeynos is like Qeynos Harbor all grown up! Stately avenues lined with houses and shops, mature trees casting shade all around...
And uber epic guards with wings on their hats patrolling the streets intent on trampling visiting dark elves beneath the shining silver hooves of their mounts. Ouch. Fortunately for me, South Qeynos comes equipped with a mender and a bank to loan me the gold to pay the mender.
Also housed in Bag, Barrel, 'n' Bank are some general goods merchants who helped me replace all the food I'd been carrying, that had somehow developed horseshoe shaped dents... Not too far away is Maile's Exchange, where the broker waits to sell you new armour for the pieces that couldn't be fixed.
As a hub for Qeynosian life, South Qeynos has almost as many avenues of entry as Qeynos Harbor! There's the sewer entrance (which is fairly safe unless there's a shining paladin on a horse of doom sitting on top of it). Giant gates open into Qeynos Harbor, North Qeynos, and Antonica. Smaller gates open into the outlying villages.
South Qeynos boasts some lovely housing options as well! In addition to the normal three-bedroom housing you can get in the Lion's Mane Inn, there are also several very spacious five-room houses.
But that isn't all! South Qeynos houses one of Norrath's guildhall options. Your guild can make their home in the heart of Qeynos.
As you can see, the view from the outside is truly a sight to behold. A rippling fountain and lovely architecture set this building apart. If you think the outside is nice, wait until you tour the inside!
Once the lonely home of mages, studying away at their art, the South Qeynos mage tower is now also the location of a special housing option.
It isn't very dark elvish, true, but the open, airy feel to the mage tower (along with all the books!) makes this spot where I'd choose to hang my armour.
Last, but not least, on our trip through South Qeynos is the Coldwind Coast Stables! Horses of several varieties can be purchased here. No worries, though, they are all lovely and docile beasts who will carry you through your travels loyally and without trouble. Unlike the rude paladin guard and the demon horse with the sharp hooves...