As you travel about Norrath, it's always important to know where you're going. Continuing our exploration of Qeynos, we come to Elddar Grove. This is a lovely garden-like area tucked into Qeynos... Unfortunately it, like the rest of the city, is awash with high elves and frogloks and the like. It's hard for a dark elf to get any peace at all...

Elddar Grove is nice and centrally located with openings into North Qeynos, Qeynos Harbor, Willow Wood, and Baubleshire.
There are no the dock bells, so the only way to get here, is through other zones! There are no homes in here (and really, who wants to live in a tree, anyway?) but it has all sorts of other amenities.
There is, of course, the entrance to the Down Below. A dark elf has to get around somehow! Just be careful, because a statue of Queen Antonia keeps a close watch on the area.
Tucked off to the side a bit is In Range. Here, you'll find space to practice your aim as well as a Bowyer and crafting area for all your fletching needs.
The local mender also has his shop set up within In Range. Seems he does good business there...
In Range also has a basement entrance just around the side of the building... Sadly, it's locked. If anyone manages to sneak inside, let me know what they're hiding in there.
The central eye-catching piece of leafy goodness in Elddar Grove is the great tree (it's some nice discovery experience as well!).
Here you'll find helpful folk (although not perfect dark elves, but we won't hold that against them) who train, hand out writs, and even dabble in alchemy!
Not far from the treehouse is Antonica's House of Pottery. Here, you'll find the mailbox and the broker. But, no pottery... I asked, but they didn't seem to have anything to say about it.
In addition to the broker, there are some crafting stations and vendors. All within easy reach and without as much of the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city. Crafting in peace and quiet!
With the serene atmosphere, is it any wonder that Qeynos's monks keep a dojo in Elddar Grove? Here you can train, practice, or contemplate inner calm.

Be sure to drop in during your travels as this is a lovely spot to visit... In spite of the high elves.