Looking for a Group… at Fan Faire!

Fan Faire is almost here! It's time to start preparing how you're going to find your friends when you arrive to Las Vegas!

Here are some tips on how you can find your friends at Fan Faire!

Special Clothing
Arrange for your guild and friends to wear the same color shirts, hats, shoes, headbands or whatever else you want to wear the same. For previous events, some guilds have even gone as far as creating guild T-Shirts!


Arranged Meeting Places
Arrange a meeting place by using the forums, in-game or out-of-game e-mails or other types of communication to arrange an area of the hotel or convention area to meet up with your friends. You can select common places like the hotel lobby or the main convention hall. You can also select a more specific location like at the Fan Faire Information Booth!

Here's a map of the convention area to help you with arranging a location.

At previous Fan Faire and events many guilds and server communities created their own banners and signs. While we don't offer a place for you to hang a banner, you're more than welcome to bring one to place where you are going to be. You'll need to bring your own stand or support for it. Also, remember to keep it out of walkway areas.

Table Signs
We won't be providing table signs for you this year; however, you are more than welcome to bring your own. Just remember to keep the size small enough not to be in the way!

If you don't know what Twitter is, you're really missing out on a very convenient means of communication. You can use Twitter to give up-to-date information to all of your friends. It can really be handy to use at Fan Faire. We also have a SOE Fan Faire Twitter that you can follow while in Vegas.

View our Twitter Guide if you aren't sure how to use Twitter.

Cell Phones
Bring your cell phone to Fan Faire so that you can call your friends or send them text messages to let them know where you located. Don't forget your cell phone charger! Beep!

Visit the Fan Faire Forums to share more tips.