In Monument and Might, a new service will be available to Norrathians! It seems that the scholars of Norrath have improved their research techniques and wish to use this knowledge to help adventurers.

Research Assistants will be popping up in cities near you (or in the case of Frogloks... hopping!).

In the villages of Qeynos, you will find:

  • Researcher Tanglmayn
  • Researcher Andor Quist
  • Researcher Oakfish
  • Researcher Bubbler
  • Researcher Sandsea
  • Researcher Oatheaver

In the 'hoods of Freeport, look for:

  • Researcher Gromk
  • Researcher Fomondulus
  • Researcher Yurik
  • Researcher Saltprow
  • Researcher V’Tun
  • Researcher Valseth

In Neriak, you will be served by Researcher Miller Dramigan.

Residents of Haven will not be neglected. Researcher Lance Dra’Kal will assist you.

In Gorowyn, Researcher Byrche Di’Ervs will handle your needs.

In Greater Faydark, lurking amongst the trees, Researcher Fallulah will be happy to aid your quest for knowledge.

The researchers are currently offering their services for Adept and Master level spells and combat arts. For skills below level 20, they only require a day to provide you with your upgrade. After level 20, the higher level the spell you require, the longer it will take them to accurately research the components, up to 30 days.

The researchers are a busy lot, so they will only provide the service for you on one character per account. After all, they want to be able to help everyone!

Should you choose to discontinue research on a specific spell and change to a different one, 1/3 of the time your researcher has already spent on your behalf will be applied to the new spell.

Upgrades provided by the researchers will go directly to your knowledge book, so as not to clutter up your inventory with extra books and scrolls.

Please note that the Research Assistants will require that you already have the tradeskilled version of your spell or combat art before they can help you upgrade to the next level.

These scholars are eager to assist you, so be sure to stop by and say hello.