We are proud to announce this year's Players of the Year!

The team had the torturous task of trying to choose the best out of all the entries that were submitted. It's always a tough job, since we've got so many deserving and creative players.

Our winners this year are:

From EQII:

Bownzer (alts: Bownz, Seelenschrei, Lazyone) from the Crushbone server!
You can see the entry made on his behalf at TheBrasse.com!

From EQ:

Palarran from The Tribunal server!
Palarran's entry:

Gather 'round the fire my friends
To hear a tale of yore
By Karana's hand, a druid began
He changed Norrath evermore

Palarran Taurina is of whom we speak
We’re here to tell of deeds
Big or small, he does them all
All you have to do is ask, and he helps fulfill your needs

In every guild there is dissension
No matter your faction, clique or friends
Love them, hate them or indifferent
With Palarran’s guiding hand and wisdom friction ends

Dragon kill points need to be updated?
Palarran is the man that toils away
Need help to get that flag?
Palarran is the man who’ll lend a hand, so that here you will stay

Who lives in a knothole in Tunare’s tree?
Palarran is the man and he goes meep, meep!
Our shining knight… oops druid
Palarran is here for keeps

Leaders come and leaders go
But Palarran's mettle n'er becomes unfurled
A decade later, still playing together
<Rest in Peace> will rule the world

Thank you to everyone who entered. You were all amazing! And congratulations to our winners, we look forward to seeing you at Fan Faire!