In Monument and Might, GU #52, Kurn's isn't the only place the mysterious stranger will lead you... Your new "friend" will send you to the Emperor's Athenaeum to uncover more secrets.

Behind the last known door into the sealed city of Charasis lies the Emperor's Athenaeum. It is the great lost library, thought to be only legend by most.
It is said to be the location of all of the Sathirian Dynasty's greatest secrets.
There are innumerable treasures and items of necrotic power hidden within. They are known only by Venril Sathir and kept hidden even from his offspring and the rightful heirs to his throne.
Now, a mysterious stranger has landed on the shores of Kunark in search of particular arcane items. Including the curious treasures locked within Venril’s Athenaeum.
Once the doors are opened by his sorcerers; what perils lie within and what treasures will be found? Only one thing is certain: To the victor go the spoils!