Monument and Might (GU #52) is now on Test! With this... monumental... update, we've brought you an intriguing (and far reaching!) storyline. In Kurn's Tower, the x2 dungeon, you will learn some vital pieces of the puzzle.

After aiding the Burynai with their investigations and getting a glimpse at a bigger mystery, an exotic stranger approaches you.
The stranger wants your help in further investigating the mystery of Kurn's Tower. There's definitely a great treasure to be found!
As in Breaching the Void, great care and skill are needed in this ramped up version of the Tower. It will not yield its secrets to any but the most deserving.
Here, you will at last encounter the Burynai's Haggle Baron. Be sure not to underestimate his power.
There will be many other foes to test your mettle... and an unexpected ally.
Most importantly (at least to certain dark elves)... There are new shiny collections! Six to be exact. They are spread throughout the two versions of Kurn's Tower and Charasis.