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Greetings Everyone!

We have a few emails that will be sent out soon that you don't want to miss! Make sure you are signed up to receive SOE Emails.  What's included when you sign up?

  • You'll receive the quarterly newsletter for whichever games you select as well as any marketing and promotional materials for those titles, such as account winbacks and special offers.

To make sure you receive the next one, do the following:

  • Click on My Account on the top bar of any Station page • Click on Change Email Setting • Select those you wish to receive. • Click on apply. (If you aren't sure you are getting the emails, click on Make Changes even if you don't change anything, just to refresh the setting.) • Or you can just visit this link.

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How come I never seem to get any of the emails? There are a couple of reasons you may not be receiving the emails from SOE:

  • Update your Email Address: An incorrect Email Address is a common reason for not receiving the emails from the station. To update your email address, click on My Account, go to email preferences and then click change next to the email address currently assigned to your account.
  • Email is being blocked: If your email system has a block, junk, bulk, or spam mail folder, you'll want to make sure that it allows email from [] and The [] . You will need to check the options, properties, or preferences of your mail system to determine how to set this up, or click here for tips on how to add these addresses to your Address Book.
  • Options not saved: There's a chance that your options were not set correctly when the system changed over to this system. To fix this, click on the [Clear-All] link and click on Make Changes. Then select your options again and click on Make Changes again. That should refresh the list.