What's Your Favorite Fan Faire Memory?

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Fan Faire is always exciting! Whether it's your first or your tenth, you always come away with fond memories of the experience.

Some of our memories:

Ashlanne: One of my favorite memories is from the 2007 Fan Faire that we had at the Rio in Las Vegas. We boarded our flight and then had to deplane again because they had "issues" of some sort. While we waited for the new plane, Brenlo and I played Magic on the floor. That's also the Fan Faire where I learned that snorting when you laugh kills brain cells, but that it's okay because it's only the weak ones, like with a herd of buffalo.

Brenlo: Mine is from the very first Fan Faire in Baltimore. I sat up all night, until about 7:00am, talking to a group of players about EverQuest.

Ashlanne: How did you function the next day?

Brenlo: I didn't!

Kiara: Mine is from my first Fan Faire in 2006 when we were in Atlanta. I didn't work for SOE then or even a fan site. I was wandering around the convention area, waiting for registration to open and kept trying to go into the hall where they were setting everything up. Brenlo kept stopping me at the door. He'd put on this stern face and tell me to shoo. Later, when registration opened, Gar'Va stopped me to say "Oh, you're Kiara! I'm the reason you have to spell your name with two I's on Kithicor!" Talk about feeling uncomfortable because the teacher knows your name on the first day of class!

Gnobrin: Setting up and running last year's Live Quest. It was the first time I'd spoken publically like that and emceeing and running the event was a lot of fun.
What are your favorite memories of Fan Faire?

Share them with us!