In-game events are always fun. But they're especially fun when they're player run events! On April 25th, I had the privilege to participate in Despair's chess match on Guk. Rothgar joined us as well and a great time was had by all!

The game started at noon, so knowing that I'd need time to set up and grab gear and all that good stuff, I showed up on the server around 11:30. Only to find out that I'd rolled a Paladin on Guk. Eep.

I've never played a Paladin. In fact, I've only ever really played healing classes. Now, I could have rerolled and set up a class that I knew how to play, but where's the fun in that? So I bravely gritted my teeth and tried to learn everything I could in half an hour. Including what armour to wear, what jewelry, what AA's... It was an adventure. I was still setting up hotbars and AA's when the game started.

Fortunately I was the White Queen (eat your heart out Emma Frost!) and had a bit of time before I was challenged for a square.

Also good for my nerves, was getting to pick Rothgar's brain for uber dev tricks to get myself properly outfitted. He was also so kind as to fully Master my abilities!

In an effort to distract the black team, I passed out a ton of fireworks. If my opponent crashed due to lag, it still counted as a win... Right?? Of course, with all the fireworks going off, I had to turn my settings down and my screenshots weren't as pretty as they could have been. /Sad!

I managed to make it through two duels. Which was pretty awesome, all things considered. Sure, the first guy lost cause he fell off the board... But I wiped the floor with the froggie! I got completely and totally squashed by a brigand on the third duel, though. Mental note: Roll a brigand for the next chess match!

Rothgar's duels were just as much fun. He'd decked himself out so well that people were barely touching him. So while I struggled to survive, he was squashing people like ants.

We starting changing our forms, I was a genie (and later a dragon) and Rothgar was a ginormous dragon, to try and get the advantage for our teams.

In the end, after a very well played game and a ton of fun, the black team squished us. They even made a video of our crushing defeat!

It was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and I look forward to the next game.

Thank you Despair!

I welcome any guilds setting up events like this to let us know! We all love to see them and enjoy participating when we can.