GU #52, Monument and Might, will be heading to Test soon. With the expanded schedule (and bigger updates) content will be on Test longer and we really look forward to your input! Here's a quick look at some of the new content coming with Monument and Might.

In April, Rothgar gave us a sneak peek at player written books. These will be included in the update, along with Research Assistants to help you upgrade your spells and combat arts.

Also coming:

In Jarsath Wastes a door has been unlocked. Near Charasis, where once none could pass, a new zone will be available for those brave enough to venture in.
In the Emperor's Athenaeum brave adventurers will be subjected to many tests of skill on their way to unlocking the secrets of the lost library of Charasis.
Concerned with the new events unfolding about Norrath, the Bellywhumpers scurry into action, burrowing a tunnel to the inside of the great tower. Once inside they discover that not all is well within Kurn's!
A void anchor has appeared over the tower and inside adventurers will find two paths through. A group instance in Kurn's Tower: Breaching the Void and a x2 instance in Kurn's Tower.
We're also adding more than 80 new quests to the overland zones of RoK. There will be all new adventures to be had in the Fens of Nasthar, Jarsath Wastes, and Kylong Plains.