Fan Faire 09

If you need a little convincing that Fan Faire is the place to be this June, or if you're already planning to go and you just want to add a little jolt to your excitement, then we've got some fuel to add to the fire! Here are our Top 10 Fun Things To Do at Fan Faire 2009!

10. Enjoy the summer sun! (Or at least look at it from your hotel room window.) If you need a break from the glow of the monitor, Vegas is the perfect place to see daylight, and lots of it. Or if you're working hard on your gamer tan, you can stay safely in the air conditioning and enjoy Sin City's fine interior offerings.

9. Freebies, giveaways, shwag...whatever you call 'em. We all like to get fun little gadgets and gizmos. Who knows what will be in the bag this year? You'll have to come to find out!

8. Compete for awesome prizes by showing off your best in-game emote, impersonating your favorite NPC, or squeezing into teeeeeny pink t-shirts!

7. Live Quests! It's just like living in your favorite game! Only without the armor, or the weapons, or the terrain, or the... But they're still fun!

6. Become your character or an NPC by dressing the part! Our costume contest is a great way to show off your tailoring skill.

5. Tournaments and Late Night Gaming. You're good at our games. You know it. We know it. Here's your chance to show everyone else, too.

4. Do you like to be "in the know"? Be the first to find out about everything that's up and coming from SOE and for your game of choice. Then you can spread the news and your photos on your blog, on the forums, through Twitter or Flickr, with your guildmates, on a fansite...

3. Meet the mysterious faces behind the games. Ever wonder whose job it is to make your game run, or who came up with your favorite feature? This is your chance to talk with those folks in person.

2. Meet the cute bard in your guild and the awesome tank you grouped with last month. Sure, coming out from behind the monitor can be a little scary, but it's really fun to meet your guildies in person! Get as many friends as you can to join you at Fan Faire and have fun at a weekend that's all about your game!

1. Party with us at EverQuest's 10th Anniversary Birthday Bash! You only turn 10 once, and this is your chance to celebrate our 10th with us and hundreds of our players. It'll be a party you won't want to miss!

We hope to see you all at Fan Faire 2009 at Bally's in Las Vegas! To learn more about Fan Faire, click here, and to register, click here.

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