Character name:Vexel

Character class and level: Human, Necromancer, 78 (at time of interview)

Real life occupation: Case Manager Wireless Broadband ISP

How did you get started gaming? In 1996 I was told of an upcoming MMO called Ultima Online.

What’s your favourite part of EQII, the thing that keeps you in game?
I love the fact there’s SO much to do! Between HQ’s, L&L’s, collecting shiney’s, crafting, instances, raiding, quests galore, I’m always busy doing something within the game. Even doing writs to help get status built up for the guild I’m in.

What is your funniest EQII moment?
When I first started Butcher Block hunting aqua goblins, I was invisible watching their patrol pattern to plan my attack, one stopped and acted as if he could see me, then he shook his butt at me and taunted me.

Any words of wisdom for fellow gamers?
Take your time, enjoy your character, and play what you like not the flavor of the month. Do not let anyone tell you which class is better for raiding and what you want to play isn’t. If you enjoy what you do and play it well you will be welcomed addition to any group or guild you join.

Geek credentials?
As stated above playing Ultima Online and being a fan of the franchise I followed its progress. I then got involved in the beta, played at release, 2 years later was brought on as a GM under Origins Inc. I then moved on to Asheron’s Call in beta invite from a GM friend and became a GM under Turbine Inc. for that game. I have since played almost every major US MMO release. I also assisted in porting a Malaysian game called Risk Your Life to the US market, working as a GM under Planetwide Games for that release. Also working in the IT industry and being involved with PC’s since early 1980’s, I’m 36 years old and have seen everything from Pong to now Everquest 2, I’m a gamer at heart and always will be!

Something about you that people wouldn’t usually guess?
That I work fulltime, college fulltime, game as a hobby, I have a wife and two little girls, and I’m doing all this while living with a terminal illness called Muscular Dystrophy. Most people don’t know this other than I’m in a wheelchair and I look perfectly healthy, yet I struggle everyday just to get out of bed let alone keep a full busy schedule like I do and still find time to game. My motto is “if I can do it, no one has an excuse!”

If you could acquire one of your character's spells or abilities in real life, what would it be and why?
Invisibility, that would just be a great spell to have, you can be left alone when you want to be, you could also spy on someone to find out what they’re up too.

What's your favorite zone in the game and why?
I would have to say its Kunzar Jungle, it’s just a great place to level, there are so many good quest lines, great rewards, and the environment is very nicely done. I like the jungle music in the background, the flora, the mobs, and the writs, oh I also like the faction grinding it adds another layer of stuff to do. I also really enjoyed Fens, because it was nostalgic going to Field of Bone (not really a “zone” but was fun to see and play in) and seeing Kurn’s Tower again, it reminded me of countless days hanging out on the ramp in Everquest with my Iksar Shaman casting SoW’s for tips, hahaha!

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