A well worn traveler of the lands known as the Town Crier journeys lands near and far seeking out the latest in EverQuest II news and information. Join us once again as the Crier returns from her latest journeys, filled with news and information from all around those strange lands. One never knows what new secrets her stories will hold!

Fan Site Goodies!

Calthine from Zam keeps talking about something new and big coming on Wednesday, April 22, as well as something about winning a new computer. Keep an eye on Zam for details.

Bloggers Anon!

It's possible Tipa's fervent worship of Bristlebane is getting out of control... Nah, it's all kinds of fun. Check out her latest comic.

Taymar has put up a guide to the new red shinies in Lavastorm. Who doesn't love shinies?

Stargrace has a very expensive habit...!

For Your Listening Pleasure!

Dellmon and Jethal are at it again! Listen here or head on over to OGR for more information.

And that brings us to the end of another riveting Town Crier! If there's anything of entertaining or informational note that our intrepid traveler may have missed, or if you simply want to chime in with your two coppers, please drop in and share on the EQII Official Forums! Do NOT mess with the giant halfling. I mean, Hello! Giant... Halfling... 'Nuff said!