As announced by Developer Kaitheel in the Official EQII Forums:
"As I am sure a lot of you have read, Lavastorm is undergoing some rather large changes! (If you haven't read about the changes coming then you can do so by visiting the eq2players news pages: here, here and here.)

Almost all of the mobs in the zone have undergone a change in level. As a result of this 40+ Writ quests that previously sent you into Lavastorm needed to be adjusted, too. It can be frustrating and misleading to be offered a quest that is level 41, and then find out that the target you must defeat is level 46! (I don't like it and I bet you don't either.) A few only required slight level changes to match the level of the beasts you must kill for that quest. Others needed to be completely reworked due to the lack of level 40-44 mobs in the zone. The majority of those writs will now send you into Everfrost.

I wanted to inform you of this upcoming change and encourage everyone to complete any Lavastorm writs that they may have before Elements of Corruption (GU51) hits Live servers."

You can read the thread in the Official EQII Forums, here!