In Elements of Corruption (GU #51) tradeskillers will also receive some love!

General changes include:

Crafters will find upgraded recipes for shields, orbs, and other (crafted) secondary slot items in their recipe books and Domino currently has examples of the new items on her broker on the Test server. Stop by and take a look!

You'll also be able to find the recipe to craft bases for the new Guild Hall Trophies. The vendors who sell the AA mirror recipe will also be happy to provide this new craftable.

So what's new in Elements of Corruption for tradeskillers? Visit Purrla, either in your home town's crafting instance, or in the shrine at the entrance to Lavastorm! The Far Seas Trading Company is looking for help investigating the crafting skills of the goblins. There may be some trading opportunities to be had.

There are also two new red shiny collection quests. These are no trade and offer special rewards, but not all red shinies are going in this direction! Never fear.

Upon completing your investigations for the Far Seas Trading Company, you'll receive a recipe book for some new appearance armor.

And because the goblins generous souls, a fish!

Up in the void, the gnomes have taken on a project a little bit bigger than they can handle! Talk to Madria Varas in Mara, who will direct you to take an airship from the Moors to help them out.
Keevan Togginscog will meet you when you land and explain the situation. He'll then direct you to the foreman, Tomkin Cogsbottom, who will give you instructions on what they need you to do!
As with the other crafting instances, you'll be able to find everything you need to complete your mission in the zone. There's a little twist with your gathering this time around, as not all of your ingredients will be sitting perfectly still...
Once you complete the mission and help the raiders to escape the void, Tomkin Cogsbottom will have your payment ready with his thanks!

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