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What is a Reloadable Card and Why Would I Want to Use One?

SOE is always looking for new ways to provide flexibility in payment options for our customers. Using a credit or debit card is not always convenient for everyone, but the alternatives aren't always well known. We wanted to share some information about a different method of payment that you can use; one that is just as convenient and secure as using your credit or debit card, but one that offers more flexibility to you.

These cards are easy to find at the front of most stores.

Visa and MasterCard both offer prepaid and reloadable cards that can be used for any purchase in which a regular Visa/MC credit or debit card can be used. These cards work fully with the SOE billing system, and eliminates the need for you to open a line of credit, or tie the subscription to your checking account. The benefit to you is control -- you control how much money is available on these cards, and you control the mode of payment that SOE uses for your monthly subscription.

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Just choose the card that is best for your needs.

If you have ever wanted to find a new alternative method for billing, a reloadable Visa or MasterCard may be the answer you are looking for. They are just as easy to use as a credit or debit card, but you control the funds.

Where Can I Get a Reloadable Card?

The best part about these cards is that they can be found just about everywhere. They are available in grocery and drug stores all across America, and are typically found near the store gift cards. So all you need to do to find one and fund them for gaming is grab one the next time you are shopping. It really can't get much easier.

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Buying the cards is a snap.

What Does it Cost to Use a Reloadable Card?

SOE does not recognize these cards as different from any other source of payment and does not have any special fees for people who use them. It does not matter what game you are playing, be it EverQuest II, Star Wars Galaxies, PlanetSide, or even the new Pirates CSG, if you have a reloadable card set as your method of payment, the charge for access is the same as it is for any other form of payment. Our goal in accepting these cards is to ensure that you have the greatest number of secure options available for payment, so you can control how it is done.

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You can register the card on the internet in mere minutes.

How Do I Use a Reloadable Card?

Using these cards is as easy as using a credit or debit card. The first thing you need to do is activate the card. Activation is easy; all you need to do is visit a website that is listed on the packing materials for the card when you purchase it. The registration form will ask you for some basic information (Name, Address, etc.) that will help identify you when the purchases are made, and also enable you to view an online statement any time you wish to track activity on the reloadable card. After that, you are all set! The reloadable card will now function just like a credit or debit card when you make purchases.

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Log into your Station account and choose the game you want to use the card for.

When you use the card for a SOE game, we will ask for your 'billing information' as a normal part of the process. This works just like a credit or debit card, and you will need to match the information you provide to the information you used to register the card. This way the purchase is validated as one you wish to have, and everything goes smoothly. This is no different than the process used for credit and debit cards, so you don't have to worry about any extra or awkward steps.

Validate your purchase decision.

Using a reloadable card really is as easy as using other forms of payment, and offers you new controls and freedom when it comes to spending your money. Outside of a simple internet registration, there are no extra steps to take, and merchants will not treat your reloadable card any different than they would your normal credit or debit cards. This means you get to decide how you want to pay, and you don't have to go through any extra and painful steps to gain that control!

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Confirm your ordering option.

What Happens if I Run Out of Funds?

Should your card run out of funds before a billing cycle you can easily add new funds to the card before billing occurs. Even if you don't catch it before a billing cycle, you aren't punished. Your account will simply be suspended until you provide enough funds on the reloadable card to activate it again, or switch to another form of payment. This way you control how long the subscription is for, and there are no surprises waiting for you on your monthly statement.

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Enjoy the fruits of the purchase! Play the game!

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

The reloadable Visa/MasterCard cards are a new and convenient way to configure your billing options. SOE does not treat them differently than any other card so you do not have any extra worries. It's always wise to visit the website for the individual card that you choose, and learn about your options direct from the provider, but there are no special hoops you have to jump through to use a card like this for your SOE billing. It's really that easy.

Visa Prepaid & Gift Cards Website:
MasterCard Card Programs Website:

It is important to remember that while these cards are provided for by traditional credit card companies, they are not credit cards. You control how much money is available on them, and there are no payments to make. This gives you the purchasing power and convenience of a credit card, and the control that cash has to offer.

If you have ever wanted to try a different method of payment, that gives you more control and options, this may be the answer you are looking for. They are easy to find (at stores nationwide), easy to use, and easy to close. Check the card websites for more information, or find them at your local retailer. They will work for all SOE games!


What if I purchase an SOE Game Card?

Our easy-to-use SOE Game Cards are currently available in 30-day or 90-day pre-paid subscriptions. The 90-day cards are currently being phased out and might not be available in your area.

  • Eliminates the hassles of credit card billing.
  • Makes a great gift for new and current SOE gamers.
  • Use for any one of these Sony Online Entertainment games: EverQuest® II, EverQuest®, PlanetSide® EverQuest® Online Adventures™, The Matrix Online, Star Wars Galaxies™, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes™ or Pirates of the Burning Sea. (Game software sold separately. Full version of game and internet connectivity required.)

For instructions on how to consume the game card key for a specific game, click on the game link below.


What if I have purchased a Best Buy® EQ/EQII Game Card?

To enjoy your adventures in Norrath, you'll need to activate your game card. By following the instructions below, you can apply your Best Buy® 30-Day Game Card gameplay time to your account.

Instructions for Activation:

  • Click on the following link – Activate
  • Sign in with your Station Account name and password. (If you do not have one you will need to create one.)
  • Select desired game of which to apply subscription time to from the drop down menu, and select "This is a pre-paid game card."
  • Enter the unique code printed on the back of the card behind the scratch off area and press "Continue."
  • This Game Card provides a 30-day subscription to EverQuest or EverQuest II, as well as an exclusive in-game item. (In-game item: Limit one (1) per account. Non-transferrable. No cash value.)
  • Gameplay requires a full version of the game (software sold separately) and an Internet connection (which you are responsible for). Gameplay is subject to the EverQuest End User License Agreement, EverQuest II End User License Agreement and Station Terms of Service, available at

If you have questions, comments, or corrections to this FAQ, stop in to the Official EQII Forums and leave us your feedback.