Raiding is a big part of EQII, and if you're not familiar with raids...well, there's a lot of ground to cover! For now we'll give you some basic info to get you started. Once you get acquainted with the way raids work, one of the best resources for information is asking fellow players. Be sure to check with guildmates, groupmates and friends in-game, check our forums, or some the many fansites out there for more details on particular raid encounters.

What is a raid?

Raids allow multiple groups of players to band together to take on particularly tough challenges. Raids can be made of up to four groups of six people (up to 24 members total), depending on the difficulty of the raid encounter they are facing.

Some of the toughest creatures in Norrath are raid mobs and often the rewards they give out are highly coveted. Raids give players an opportunity to work together in a large group to utilize their special skills and conquer these difficult challenges.

Raids encounters are available at almost all levels of the game. EQ2i has an EQII Raid Timeline that details location and access info, tips, maps, raid strategies and more for many of the raid encounters in EQII, from tier 2 through tier 8 raids and guild raids.


Aren't raids just for high-level players?

Not at all. We want all players to have access to fun and challenging content, not just the high-level crowd. In EverQuest II you'll be able to enjoy raiding throughout your character's journey.


How do I form a raid?

To form a raid, the leader of one group should right-click on any member of another group and select "invite to raid" from the context menu. You may also use the command /raidinvite. The leader of the invited group will receive a confirmation to join the raid.


How do I disband a raid?

To remove a group from a raid, right-click on any member of that group and select "disband from raid." Only the raid leader may remove a group from the raid. To leave a raid, type /disband.


Is there a tool for managing raids?

You will see all members of other groups in the raid window. You may target them by left-clicking on their names. Each group has a different colored background to differentiate them. Each player is identified by an archetype icon in the raid: swords for Fighters, a rune for Mages, an eye for Scouts, and a medical cross for Priests. You may toggle the raid window by pressing [Alt-R]. The raid leader may move players to another group by dragging the player's name to an empty slot in another group. Players can be swapped by dragging a player's name onto another player's name.


How is raid loot assigned?

When the group looting method is set to "Leader Only", only the raid leader and assigned looters will be allowed to loot corpses and chests. The raid leader may specify other raid members as assigned looters by right-clicking their name and choosing "add looter" from the context menu. To remove looting privileges from a player, right-click their name and choose "remove looter".


Basic/Advanced Modes

The raid window is available in two modes, Basic and Advanced. In Advanced mode, effect icons will be visible for each member of the raid showing any detrimental effects on them. Right-click on the raid window to toggle between Basic and Advanced modes.


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