GU #51, Elements of Corruption, brings with it the much anticipated revamp of the Lavastorm zone! We've all spent many happy hours there slaying Sootfoots and those crawly bug guys, not to mention the trek up to Sol Eye! The zone you know and love will still be there. Nothing is being removed, but some very exciting additions are being made, not the least of which is easier travel through the minefield of lava pockets.

Why has the face of Lavastorm changed? The Mistress of Elemental Magic, Najena, is making her presence felt!

The inhabitants of Lavastorm are feeling a presence they know well; a presence they felt long ago. Najena lurks deep within her fortress, The Ward of Elements, preparing herself for conflict. The armies of Theer are storming the coasts of Lavastorm! The Order of the Flame works frantically to place in motion plans to aid Najena in her fight against the invaders. By no means will it be an easy fight, though. An adversary from Najena's past has returned and he is set to corrupt and control the minds of all who dare to oppose him.

The Ward of Elements

Having been defeated in her Hollow Tower, Najena fled deeper into her lair. There she has worked tirelessly to unlock the powers and secrets of the Rune of Theer. Through the course of her studies, Najena found the tiny rune to carry great and terrible power. Something about it felt familiar to her, and hoping to mimic and develop counters to the void power within the rune, Najena delved ever further into the strange magics. Too far. The Elemental Mistress sent ripples throughout the fabric of the magical world. The agents of Theer felt these and sent forth a champion to put an end to Najena's meddling.

The Order of Flame

Long ago there was an ancient order that inhabited the Temple of Solusek Ro in Lavastorm. They were nearly annihilated and forced from their temple so long ago that the reason has been lost to history. The Order of Flame is a small group of mages who have returned to Lavastorm and the temple of their god to continue his worship. Najena cultivated a relationship with the order when she reemerged in Norrath by claiming that she, too, was dedicated to the glory of Solusek Ro. Whether or not this is true or she is just using the order for her own ends has yet to be seen. Regardless of her motives, the Order of Flame is lending her aid in her current trials and taking up arms once again to combat the denizens of The Void as they did in ancient times.

The Sootfoot Goblins

Everyone is familiar with this clan of goblins. They can be seen all over Lavastorm slaving away. For whom do they work? Anyone scary enough to intimidate them! They are primarily miners and throw their hands (paws?) into a little dark magic here and there as well. Normally hunted by adventurers, with the changes brewing in their home, they will start to reach out to visitors for help. Just beware, their ideas of help may differ from everyone else's!

What to Expect

The original quests will remain! Nothing is being removed. New things are being added though, and we'll be showcasing them in the coming weeks.

There will be:

Stay tuned!