If you're new to Norrath, or new to MMOs, you may not be familiar with guilds, or maybe you're looking to join or start a guild. The idea of a guild may be a little overwhelming at first, but once you join forces with people you enjoy playing with, you'll be experiencing the game on a whole new level.

Here's some basic information about guilds that we hope you'll find helpful!

What are guilds in EverQuest II?

Guilds are associations of players who help one another and build a closely knit community in the game. This section will tell you how to form a guild, about guild leveling, and how to administer your guild.


How do I form a guild?

You must do the following to form a guild:

  • Gather six (6) unguilded players
  • Pay a nominal registration fee (in-game)

To establish the guild, find a guild registrar. Registrars are located in The Freeport Observer in Freeport, The House of Lords in Qeynos, Dockside Markets in Neriak, The Assembly of Gorowyn in Timorous Deep, and The Royal Hall in Greater Faydark. All six guild members must be in the same zone and grouped together to register the guild. You will be prompted for the guild name (subject to an inappropriate word filter).


How do I find/join an existing guild?

There are hundreds of active guilds in EQII. One thing we've done to make it easier to match your playstyle to the guilds out there is create a built-in tool that helps you find guilds that are recruiting. You can find out more about this tool (the guild recruitment window) here.

A great way to find a guild is to group with other players in-game and talk with them about their guilds. This will help you to distinguish what would make a good match for you, and what wouldn't. You might also find that some adventurers you enjoy playing with are recruiting.

Additionally, you can check on your server's forum on the Official EQII Forums to see what guilds are recruiting.


How do I add and remove guild members?

Only the designated guild members may invite new members to a guild. To invite members, use the /guild invite [name] command. Newly added members will be set as followers of the lowest guild ranking. Their rank can then be changed through officer options in the guild window.


How do I accesss the guild window?

The guild window allows you to administer your guild, or just view it if you're not an officer. Open it by pressing the [U] key. You will see a roster of members, alongside level, class, status, standing, rank, last on, and zone they are currently in (if logged in). To display only those members currently online, check the "Show online only" box.


What are guild ranks?

Guild ranks are levels of membership that are assigned by guild officers. Guild officers may rename the guild rank levels to personalize them to their individual guild, or just keep the default rank names.

The guild leader and officers may promote/demote members of the guild. To promote a member, select the guild member's name in the guild window and click the Promote button. Each successive click will raise the member one rank higher.


What are guild status points & guild levels?

Guild status points determine the guild's level.

A guild's level determines such advantages as access to prestige merchants and which heralds the guild may obtain writs from.


Is there a member points system in EverQuest II?

EQII has a built-in guild member points system. The guild member point system can be used by guilds to track points for their members. The system provides a framework for managing points, but the points can be used for anything.


  • Assign Guild Member Points - Members with this permission will be allowed to assign points from the Member tab of the guild window.
  • Receive Guild Member Points - Only members with this permission will be eligible to receive points. This allows a guild to exclude a rank, such as recruits, from earning points.

Assigning Points

Points may be assigned through the "guild points" command specified below, or through the user interface on the Member tab of the guild window.

There are several options for specifying which guild members receive points.

  • Selected Member - Only the selected guild member from the list will receive the points.
  • All Members - All guild members will receive points
  • Online Members - All guild members currently online will receive points
  • Members in Group - All guild members in your current group will receive points
  • Members in Raid - All guild members in your current raid will receive points

Points may be removed from members by specifying a negative number. The comments field also allows for item links. Icons can be dragged from inventory and dropped on the textbox to enter a link.

Point History
Guild members may view a history of point modifications by right-clicking a guild member in the member list and selecting "View Points History".

Related Commands:
/guild points add [points] ["all"|"online"|"group"|"raid"|player_name] [comment]

points: the number of points to add or subtract. Use a negative number to subtract points.
who: specify the guild members to modify
comment: optional comment to associate with the change. You may drag icons to include item links.


What are writs and how do I get them?

Writs are special quests that can be taken by players with guild affiliations and completing them grants personal status points and guild status points.

When a writ quest is acepted, all members of the current group who are also in the same guild will all receive the task, and it can be completed without dependency on the activities of the other group members. Upon completion of a writ, participants receive individual status points instead of adventure experience. The guild will also receive guild status points. Writs granted are based on the level of the guild involved, and determine the difficulty of the task.

A herald is a non-player character located in the main part of the city (not a district or village) that gives writs. There are several heralds in a city, and each will grant writs of differing levels. Heralds with higher rank writs will only grant them to guild members that are high enough level to tackle the task level of the writ.


What else do guilds get?

Guilds can create a personal heraldry that can be used on guild cloaks. The Guild Heraldry Window can be accessed by talking to a Guild Cloak Designer in your home city.

Guilds can purchase guild halls, which provide a central meeting place for members of a guild, as well as a place to show off their accomplishments. Guilds can purchase features for their guild hall that provide function and convenience; amenities and hirelings add functionality to a guild house and provide services making it convenient to use the guild house as a headquarters.

Guild halls are available in three different sizes; Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, with Tier 3 being the largest and most expensive to purchase/maintain. To purchase a guild hall, go to one of the locations below, depending on the type of guild hall you want.

  • Tier 1 Qeynos: North Qeynos (long building near the Qeynos Claymore)
  • Tier 1 Freeport: South Freeport (big building at the top)
  • Tier 1 Kelethin: Top of Kelethin (near the 4-room housing)
  • Tier 1 Neriak: Hex Tower
  • Tier 1 Gorowyn: Near 5 room housing (right next to the tradeskill area)
  • Tier 2 Qeynos: South Qeynos (former Hall of Thunder, big building next to fountain)
  • Tier 2 Freeport: North Freeport (large building, north of Temple of War)
  • Tier 3 Antonica: Bell on Antonica dock (near light house)
  • Tier 3 Commonlands: Bell on Commonlands dock

And as mentioned above, guilds also get access to the recruiting side of the guild recruitment tool. Guilds can assign recruiters and set up their recruitment preferences.

If you have questions, comments, or corrections to this FAQ, stop in to the Official EQII Forums and leave us your feedback.