Starcrest Commune. It sounds like somewhere wood elves would live, doesn't it? But no, it's home to erudites. They make high elves look friendly and are stubbornly resistant to admitting that dark elves are the superior race in Norrath. Try not to hold that against them, though, as they do their best to imitate our lesser elvish cousins throughout their home.

For those who prefer the shortcut provided by the enchanted dock bells, this is where you'll enter Starcrest Commune. Obviously, the erudites have copied more than just the snooty attitude of the high elves, as it takes a second to realize that it isn't really Castleview you've just entered.
Clearly the erudites really want to be as truly wonderful as any elf (even a high elf). They continue to imitate the architecture of Castleview and have you travel up the tunnel to get into the town.
The local branch of the Qeynos Exchange is located in the center area of the city. You have to give it to the erudite inhabitants, their set up is very convenient!
As you can see, standing right next to the banker is the innkeeper. Gone are the days of trudging wearily through town to exchange money and store goods before going home on the other side of the city. You can do your banking from the door of your home!
Here in the center of town you can find the Fountain of Deep Reflection. Straight ahead you'll find The Luminary Cache, Starcrest's crafting instance.
Some say that the erudites are more occupied with mystical concerns. This is not true at all! They know well the need for a good mender amongst other practical needs that involve keeping yourself from becoming damaged when out adventuring.
With this in mind, you can find the mender, weapon, and armour merchants here at Barrik's.
Through the guarded doors you can enter South Qeynos...
Or for those eager to get out into the world, the Peat Bog. Watch out for the giant slugs!
The ever important mailbox! The gnomish version of the pony express sits just across from the bank/inn and overlooks the fountain so that you'll have something pretty and soothing to look at when you read that bill from the gnomish moving service you used when you moved to Starcrest...
Here at the Perfunctory Philosopher you can find all your needs fulfilled. At least if what you need is spell and combat art upgrades and some alchemical tidbits.
As talented as the resident alchemist is, your tailoring and provisioning needs might best be served in other shops about town.
Like this fine gentleman here! The tailor and several other entrepreneurs have set up shops throughout Starcrest Commune in an effort to serve you.
Yes! Even in Starcrest Commune the riff raff (like a curious dark elf) has a way to sneak in and take a look around!