Ahh Castleview. Home of snooty high elves and fly-snacking frogloks! And Qeynosians say that Neriak has bad taste. Ahem. If one must live in Qeynos rather than the glorious Neriak, Castleview does have its advantages. If you can handle high elves (who secretly wish they could be as cool as dark elves) and frogloks (we haven't quite figured out what they're good for yet... but the garlic and butter experiment is going well).

Everyone loves a short-cut! For those who choose not to run around the long way, the bells take you all around Qeynos and outside of it to Antonica, The Caves, and Oakmyst Forest. Up the stairs from here, you'll find the town center (pictured above) which gives a nice discovery bonus.
Here we have the Bed and Book inn. For those just starting out in Norrath, the inn rooms are a good starter home. The Bed and Book is conveniently located just off the center of town.
Try not to be put off by the innkeeper... He's not nearly as unfriendly as he appears.
Location is the key to any good home and just outside of the Bed and Book, Norrath's mail carriers deposit their goods in the mailbox.
Adventurers and Tradeskillers alike need a safe place to store their goods. Castleview's branch of the Qeynos Exchange is just around the corner from the Bed and Book Inn.
At The Repository, one can find upgrades to any spell or combat art they may need when just starting out in the world. As you can see, their alchemist is very skilled, indeed. For a high elf...
Accidents happen to everyone. From time to time it becomes necessary to get your gear repaired. The fine (for not being dark elves) folk at The Stalwart Shield will be happy to mend your belongings.
I know she doesn't look like much, but she really can repair armour.
Qeynos is clean... Very clean. All the way down to their sewer system. Don't believe it? Lift the grate to the Down Below and see for yourself!

Every town needs a tavern for folks to unwind after a long hard day of work. The high elves and frogloks are no different. Castleview's tavern is located just down the stairs from the inn. The stairs are a test, you know.

So is the duck.

If you don't pass, they throw you in the pond.

For those who enjoy crafting (for fun or for profit) Castleview boasts the Charter of the Truthbringer. It is located in the midst of merchants in a lovely open air market.
This door leads to Oakmyst Forest. It's a nice place to adventure when you're just getting the hang of things and aren't quite ready to head out into Antonica just yet.
The greatest advantage to living in Castleview is its close proximity to Qeynos Harbor. Just through this door is the hub of Qeynos.