Forum Name: valkry (small v) I'm ex-Navy & was one of the first women to work on ships' weapons targeting system. Seemed right to refer to the mythological 'females who would choose the dead in battle.'

Where in the real world do you live? Halas... uh, I mean Minneapolis, MN

What type of work do you do? Electronics Tech... what can I say, I love tinkering.

How long have you played MMOs? Apr '99. I was a month late for the EQ1 release.

How long have you played MMOs? Apr '99. I was a month late for the EQ1 release.

How long have you played EQII? Base account age 1394, yeah I was about a month late on EQ2 also.

What other MMOs have you played? UO, and Shadowbane

What got you into gaming and what sort of games do you like the most? Actually my parents were pretty tech savvy, even back in the early 80s. My brothers & I use to play the text versions of games on an Apple IIe. I still remember one was a bull-fight & depending on how well you did, you got awarded either one or two ears of the bulls. We also played Oregon Trail & Ultima. Then in high school I started playing AD&D (yep, there was a cute guy involved). That guy is long gone, but kept my gamer-chick status. Still have a (mostly) weekly 3.5 ed game. I also play casual games like the match-three games.

What race, class and level is your main character now? That's sort of like asking which of your kids you love the best, but my highest lvl is 65 'Lock/65 Sage High Elf.

What is your favorite zone? Today, I'm pretty happy with the revamp of Everfrost.

What do you like best about EverQuest II? No matter what mood I'm in, there is something about the game that fits my mood. My kids are starting to play. They can't handle the text... too fast for their reading skills, but they are wanting to do what Mom & Dad do. It is nice because I can discuss abstract concepts with them (life & death, good and bad, working together, how Mom and Dad do different jobs when they work together-depending on what characters they use) and it makes it a bit easier for them to understand it.

Do you have a funny moment or story from playing EQII? Two weeks ago my kids (7 yr old son & 5 yr old daughter) were playing in the room my hubby & I were EQing in. We had the hardest time not LOL'ing when we realized the kids were LARPing (live action role playing) EQ2. They each 'logged on' by saying which (of mom & dad's) characters they were playing, grouped up because the 'bad guy' (ie mob) was too tough, decided it was still too tough & invited some imaginary friend 'guildies' to help them. They got sent outside at that point... so hubby & I could finally laugh out loud without making them self-conscious. I guess we need to buy the EQ pen & paper RPG.