And here you thought that if you could just make it through tomorrow, pre-registration would be over and you'd finally have a good excuse to miss Fan Faire 2008.

NOPE! We're extending pre-registration to 08/08/08.

Yes, that's the day the Olympics start, but you've got until then to go ahead and pre-register yourself. Then you can tune in for all the badminton, synchronized swimming, and table tennis your little heart can take, before joining us the following Thursday in Vegas!

Start saving your nickels for gas money, or turn in those frequent flyer miles, or dust off your rollerblades and start making your way to Sin City!

Do we need to entice you a little more? Head on over to the Fan Faire site to check out the schedule of events, and to register! If you are interested in what your in-game item will be check out this thread on the Station Forums!